October 2018 Warner Fall Foliage

October 2018 Multi day workshop with Richard McKinley, President of American PSA

Sept-Oct 2018 Zullo Gallery painting jurried

Sept- Oct 2018 NH pastel Jurried painting

June 2017 Concord Pastel painting on display

May June 2016 Paintings on display Sunapee Landing, Won "Hole in One" award

March April 2016 paintings in Milton Gallry

January 2016, Over 30 of my works were displayed in the Roche Bros. Room of the Millis Library.

October 2015,  Enjoyed displaying my work at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival. Meet many people who shared positive feedback.  One of the best rewards is realizing others appreciate your work, by actually purchasing.

July 2015, Multiday workshop in Boothbay Harbor  Maine Doug Dawson

June 2014, Travel with Jeanne Rosier Smith to Provence France for a week workshop

Pastel Painting tips:

1) Try painting outdoors, to maximize true light.

2) Underpainting colors should be bright to shine thru

3) Paint things you are familiar with, doing this draws your personality into your work.

4a) Rule of thirds, draw a tic tac toe pattern (in your mind) . Then don't put the focal point of your painting in the middle but in one of the intersecting lines.

  b) when the main subject occupies  most of the picture like a portrait place the eyes on one of the intersecting lines.

5) For landscapes avoid putting the horizion in the center of the frame, then you can concentrate on sky or foreground.

6) shallow depth of field is effective when working on a strong image ie animal, face, tree, flower...

7a) Direction of light determines which objects are highlighted or shadowed.

  b) mid day light is most harsh or least desirable.

  c) GOLDEN Hour is 1 hour after sunrise or before sunset.  This time frame offers the best reds, yellow, orange.... warmest colors, also offers low sun angle with logest shadows.

8) The word photography is derived from the Greek phrase "drawing with light" . Light can be cool, harsh, or soft.

Paula Fraser Pastels

Original Pastel Paintings

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